Target Settings

The Rams In-Schools Programme target setting are primary schools and high schools, with a focus on schools that may be lacking in basketball resources and have a potential for growth of the sport within the school.

Target Population

School classes and basketball teams (groups of 20-30), where the teacher can be involved and upskilled throughout the programme. Specifically classes of tamariki and rangatahi (boys & girls) ages 5 through 18.

Programme Outline

The Rams In-Schools programme follows the Basketball New Zealand Kiwihoops manual which outlines session formats and include activities and games. Each stage of the programme includes recommended session lengths and formats for particular age groups. This programme is built on the below foundations.



Agility, balance, coordination, running, jumping, sliding, passing, catching, dribbling, landing, skipping.


Enjoyment, confidence, concentration, goals, social support, competition management, commitment.


Ball handling, dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, offence, defence.


Leadership, responsibility, self-reliance, trust, communication, self-belief, teamwork, fair play.

The Kiwi Hoops programme caters to four levels. The structure, focus and session format varies at each level based on developmental needs.


AGES 5-7 - YEARS 1-2

Developing ABCs (athleticism, balance, coordination and speed, through fun and inclusive modified games / activities.


AGES 7-9 - YEARS 3-4

Developing ABCs plus basic fundamental basketball skills.



AGES 9-11 - YEARS 5-6

Further development of fundamental basketball skills and general concepts through modified games and activities.


AGES 11-13 - YEARS 7-8

More concepts and a focus on games preparing them for secondary school development and competition.


The Rams In-Schools programme follows an 8 week format in which the first 5-6 weeks the CRLP coaches run the Kiwi Hoops program, with the teacher observing and learning.

In the final two sessions, the teacher is empowered to lead the session with the support of the CRLP coaches. The focus is on developing the teacher’s ability & confidence to deliver a basketball sessions so the programme could be continued without the CRBF’s direct involvement.