The Canterbury Regional Basketball Foundation (CRBF) was established as a non-profit charitable organisation in November of 2014.  The purpose of the organisation is to assist with the promotion, participation and development of basketball within the wider Canterbury region.  CRBF has recently completed its sixth successful year of operating and is unique in basketball in New Zealand as it partners and collaborates with the key basketball stakeholder organisations in the Canterbury region.  Every year over 3,000 students and 200 coaches are impacted through our programmes.

The CRBF delivers three community & development programmes (boys & girls) including the Mentoring Programme, Rams In-Schools Programme and Mainland Eagles Academy.  The Mentoring & Rams In-Schools programmes aim to reach a large number of children and young people from higher deprivation communities.  The Mainland Eagles Academy supports young people throughout the South Island with their academic, basketball & leadership goals and as a result over 40 student athletes have received US College scholarships.

The Canterbury Regional Basketball Foundation (CRBF) operates separately to the Canterbury Rams Limited Partnership (CRLP) but has access to the Canterbury Rams brand to help gain rapport with children & young people.  This can been seen with the Rams brand utilised with the Rams In-Schools programme with the result being increase participation rates and children & young people being exposed to basketball.   The CRBF are able to access and employ specialist mentors to deliver the CRBF Mentoring programme.  The Mentoring programme focuses on providing children & young people (focus on higher deprivation areas) a mentor.  The mentor-mentee relationship supports building trust and connection with young people who otherwise lack consistent secure adult relationships.  The proposed outcomes of these programmes include increased physical participation rates and holistic development of the young person including developed self awareness and communication with others.  The advocacy of the CRBF specialist mentors support the children & young people in finding their voice in life.